Peace Noir 4: The Abyss explores a post-modern angle of what it means to co-exist today as one human race. Numerous facets of life, past experiences, influences,  and the endless information we accumulate determine our acceptance or rejection of all ideals. The fourth offering of this capsule collection releasing towards the end of Black History Month particularly delves into the acceptance of black excellence being celebrated one month out of the year opposed to everyday. 
Carefully selected dark-toned textiles constructed with a mixture of leather and silver embellishments, exemplify the solidarity that the discipline of fashion grants the human-race. Our ability to engage in nonverbal communication while simultaneously acknowledging an air of subjectivity through the garments we wear. The capsule collection intends to bridge the gap between cut & sewn sleek garments and comfortable, day-day wear suitable for any occasion. 
Featuring silver-studded twill collared jackets, a stretch-nylon cropped trouser, + essentials ,the collection evokes a solemn yet immodest emotion. This capsule also unveils a new iteration to our jewelry offering which features a silver cuban link paired with our signature Nomä Key pendant which metaphorically symbolizes that all human beings hold the key to unlock the power within us. 
For many, societal norms dictate the general consensus of multiple topics. We find ourselves sold on what is deemed valid and invalid. A parallel is drawn to the reality of many ordeals being simply “black or white”, “yes or no “as well as the frequent contemplation of “what-if’s. Those “what-if” moments stimulate the gray areas of certain circumstances we find ourselves pondering over. Despite the concept of universal law and order, one’s overall thought-process is idiosyncratic. In an age with mass-overloads of information coupled with opinion, we tend to experience frequent inner debate over the gray areas which constitute our ideals and decisions. So who's to say Black History can not be celebrated each day of the year?