I find myself staring at myself in the mirror now more than I ever have, I feel like we all have monsters that come out at certain points in our lives. A version of ourselves we recognize but hate to see. A hurt person, hurting people. A broken individual forcing themself to love themselves. A person longing for serenity. Will we ever achieve peace? The real world where a lot of people are fighting to escape out of their current reality .. A world where we are pawns in a game, puppets on a string, hamsters on a wheel. Who is pulling the strings? We are. If you are unable to take ahold of the strings,  you’ll be controlled forever. Taking control of your life is vital to progression and peace in one’s life. Understanding serenity and happiness comes from within, which in turn allows one to understand the power each and everyone of us holds. Our mental health is extremely important because of the fact that our mind controls our actions as human beings. We can’t turn off our brain so many of us resort to escapism. Distractions such as social media, drugs, vanity, and materialism rule the world.  We’re all victims of vanity in one one way or another. The truth about escapism is that we seek to fill those empty voids within us however we can not because it starts from within. The inability to find contentment perpetuates the constant quest for fulfillment. 


This collaboration serves as a reminder for any individual to understand that behind all our vanities, vices,  and possessions, we are human beings first. We all will endure moments of plight, sadness, confusion as well as moments of happiness, gratitude, and love. Despite our separate perspectives, empathy is the underlying factor that will allow us to coexist in a world where we’re all just trying to get through each day.